A note to some fine citizens/websurfers from Denmark (and you know who you are!):


Thanks for your interest in the FisKer.COM domain. It flatters me that my Internet identity is a not-so-uncommon surname of residents hailing from the .dk top-level-domain country code. In my oh-so-limited  investigation, both fisk and fiske mean “fish” in Danish. This factoid doesn’t mean a whole lot other than many web searches of the word “fisker” result in links to pages having to do with aquatic denizens of the North Sea.


For those of you who didn’t take the time to check out the InterNIC listing, FisKer.COM resides in the USA. Unless you’re a very wealthy individual/organization with tons o’ cash to part with, I plan on owning/operating this domain for the foreseeable future.


For the rest of you visiting this page because it was the only other thing worth clicking on from my home page, go take a look at Denmark courtesy of our buddies in the CIA:


Flag of Denmark


Facts about Denmark